Bubbles' friends have been captured by sneaky Lizardmen!
Delve into their caves to save them!

Play as a cute monkey with a pickaxe, mine blocks to find gems and buy bananas, and free your monkey friends from reptilian servitude!

Keyboard controls:
Arrows to move
Space to mine a block
C to use a secondary item
X to swap between secondary items
You can also play on a gamepad!

Bananas heal you, Shovels let you dig holes to block your enemies, Extra Hearts increase your maximum health, and you can even buy a stronger Pickaxe to mine faster!

Are you primate enough to save your friends?

This game was created during the Ludum Dare #48



  • 27/04/2021, 11:07 CET - Fix the loading bar pixelation on Chrome
  • 27/04/2021, 17:34 CET - Tweak the audio mix for the game to be a bit louder


monkey-quest-win64.zip 23 MB
Version 2 Apr 30, 2021
monkey-quest-linux.zip 23 MB
Version 1 Apr 30, 2021


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It was really cool, but for some reason in the second i played i was imortal

Yeah… It’s an fsm issue when you’re getting hit while transitioning to the next level with the right timing. It’s already fixed for the upcoming post-jam version of the game!
Thanks for the kind words.



This game is addictive and fun. I have some thoughts:

1. It's kind of fun that you don't have an "attack" and you have to lure the lizards away, but it can also be frustrating because they never leave and you can add more and more to the level. This makes it really hard sometimes

2. It's too hard and frustrating that not only can't you attack the lizards but you also can't pass through them. This creates too many situations where you're cornered and can't avoid being killed

3. The music and sound effects are a lot more tranquil than the gameplay

4. It took me awhile to figure out what the evil summoning circles were for

5. Make a Mac version?

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Hey, thanks for the comment! Let me answer a few of what you pointed out :D

  1. I mean :/ Yeah… I get where you’re getting at. The fact digging more/less both have pros and cons (and that you therefore are balancing risk and reward in your head) is the sole and only premise of the game tbh.

  2. You actually can pass through enemies, they don’t have any collision with the player apart from their hitbox (active for 0.03s during the attack).

  3. I’m not sure if you’re pointing this as a good or a bad point?

  4. I’m pretty sure they are bugged on some levels, I’ll look into that when I have time.

  5. We’ll definitely dig deeper on how to make our builds work on Mac for the post-jam version of the game.

  1. That's cool. I think it makes the game unique
  2. Might want to look into it. It happened a bunch to me, especially when it was more than one enemy attacking
  3. Doesn't have to be good or bad. It doens't exactly "match" but it looks and sounds good. It's up to you what you think about it
  4. Cool
  5. Awesome! I look forward to playing it

I’ll surely look more into that collision thingy. My best guess right now would be that with a lot of enemies around they can get in the exact timing to stunlock you.

That makes sense! I think if you've just been hit there should be an invincibility period

The actually is, but I guess timings can align so it’s denied :’(
Seems fixable tho.

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Deleted 1 year ago

fantastic, i love when you get to hammer the rocks it's super satisfying! 


cute and fun game!



Great action game! It is featured in my video! 

Take a look!


Cute game !

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How do you attack the Lizardmen? Or is it just running around in circles in the dark?


Super cute and fun, I hate those lizard men!