A tribute to Micro Machines.

TRACKBLASTERS is a racing game with BOMBS. Try to get to the end of the four tracks while the road gets worst and worst with each bomb you inevitably drop on your path.

Will you become a TRUE TRACKBLASTER or will you fall to OBLIVION?
Use the arrow keys or a gamepad to drive :

  • LEFT and RIGHT to turn
  • UP to accelerate
  • ESC to pause the game (you can restart the race, chose a track and turn the sound off here)

Will you blast your way to the two secret tracks?

This game was made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 42, you can vote and review it here : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/trackblasters


trackblasters-linux.zip 13 MB
Version 2 Aug 14, 2018
TrackBlasters.zip 25 MB
Version 2 Aug 14, 2018
trackblasters-win.zip 12 MB
Version 3 Aug 14, 2018


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Doesn't work on chrome on linux. I just get a blank grey screen and the music.

Good game.

Deleted 279 days ago

I guess it just happens. :)

This game is awesome! The concept alone is gold, and the art is superb!

Thanks a lot! Stay tuned for the next update!

Wow, really awesome project, both art and gameplay are awesome !

Only thing I have to say, I found a little exploit... If you press and hold the "forward" key but release it before the bomb drop, you'll never drop any bomb. I managed to finish a race without dropping a single bomb ^^

Really good work anyways !

Did you go really slow though?  I couldn't get that to work for me lol :)

I was just pressing the forward key but not long, maybe for a second and stop, and press it again, and stop...etc.

 I guess your script is based on the time you press the key, not the distance you do with your car ?

It's indeed slower than people doing it the good way, but it's an easy way to complete levels

You found the cheat!.. Yeah, that's going to be fixed in later versions >:P